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francois weiss X Vvon sugunnasil

A collaboration / June 14th, Bangkok

Each presentation of Vvon Sugunnasil’s collection is a very personal, very intimate event.

This time he welcomes us into his house.

We’re presenting a new series of sculptures - a way to inhabit his home with a certain spirit,

a particular energy.

N°1 Birth.jpg


Vvon Sugunnasil's skill comes from the precise science of tailoring, Each piece designed to enhance the body,
to reveal a natural elegance that exists within each of us.

I believe Vvon’s pieces can reveal who we really are.

My pieces are symbolic, spiritual in essence - they are like doors.

They stand between our world and the next world,
They invite us to question our beliefs, to reflect on our needs. An invitation to meditate, to go deeper into ourselves, standing between our questions and the answers we seek.

I believe my pieces can reveal what we really want.


Explore more artwork and discover the sculptures available for purchase. If you are interested in learning more or wish to buy a piece, please reach out via Instagram or email at

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